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Consulting, Engineering and Training

Pilz Services for Automation, Plant and Machinery Safety

Based on our industry experience of over 30 years, we are a trusted provider of safety services to leading national and international industrial companies. We provide viable solutions to the most complex safety issues in a wide range of industry domains . With our international team of passionate people, we help companies apply best manufacturing practice to optimize the availability and productivity of their plants worldwide.

Our services are recognized by various national and international authorities. This reputation was acquired (and is maintained) by constant quality service solutions and their worldwide availability.

Our services portfolio

Consulting and engineering

Pilz offers many customized services, including service packages, ranging from risk assessment and safety concepts, to system implementation and engineering solutions. Furthermore, Pilz offers CE certification and other validation services. (…learn more)

Machine safety seminars

In our machinery safety training you can learn about subjects such as the Machinery Directive and safety-related standards (national and international), CE certification and much more. (…learn more)

Why safety is important

Safety at the workplace is connected to complex standards and regulations. The plant owner has a difficult job of overviewing them and taking over responsibility for the safety.

Therefore, intelligent and safety-oriented solutions are needed for reducing risks, motivating the operators and availability of equipment. Our engineers have the skills and know-how to provide support throughout the entire safety life-cycle.