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Drive technology

Pilz Drive technology – Safe, open, complete

Everything in motion

PMC (Motion Control Systems) provide safe and flexible drive solutions as part of Pilz engineering solutions. The drive technology product range provides an overall solution for automating your machine, from operation via the controller through to the movement of highly dynamic drives, including all safety aspects.

Components for optimum solutions

Motion control systems

Motion control systems PMCprimo consist of PLC and motion technology. They perform the automation within a plant, including management of all the movements for a large number of physically separate servo axes. [… click for more information]

Converters that control everything

Use modern servo amplifiers from Pilz as a drive controller for implementing the widest range of motor technologies. You can use it to operate all common types of motor, from servo motors to asynchronous and linear motors. Plus rotary direct drives, servo linear actuators and applications with special motors. [… click for more information]

Motors for dynamic precision movements

PMCtendo AC servo motors represent a modern range of servo motor. The right motor for every application. Whether the focus is on dimensions, dynamics, controllability, connection types or feedback systems. [… click for more information]

Universal software tools for easy management

Use professional tools for your jobs. Use our comprehensive software PMCtools to configure, program and monitor your machine. [… click for more information]