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MSC SoftwareWe are the official representatives for MSC Software’s software solutions. A wide selection of software tools and applications is available, which are used for different areas (aviation, transport, electronics, energetics, …) and are also used for analyzing, control, testing and optimization.

Our experts provide technical assistance for the following products:

Calculation of final elements, visual analyses and processes

Provides valuable information when researching the dynamics of moving parts in construction engineering

MSC Nastran
Developed in collaboration with NASA’s experts, MSC Nastran is irreplaceable for constructing critical systems in every industry

MD Nastran
Provides the best package of integral simulations for advanced engineering analyses

MD Adams
Essential tool for prototype testing – creates real computer simulations (visual and mathematical)

Other software solutions include: SimXpert, SimDesigner, MSC FEA, AFEA & TFEA, MSC Fatigue, Dytran, Easy5, MSC Sinda, Marc & Mentat

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