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Research and development

The idea of the “PRO.S.” concept is illustrated with an assembled cube. This cube represents two characteristics of the business and program development, which allow for easy adaptation to the market’s needs.

Modular construction mode – we implement business and expert (technical) activities, so they can be upgraded to bigger systems without major modifications.The modular concept starts with the cubes in the center (activity – module) to an assembled cube (project).

Project implementation mode – controlling all activities, needed for the completion of the project (technical, commercial, financial, …).

Razvojni koncept

The CUBE-SYSTEM is assembled from three levels, which represent the depth of the business activities and development.

I. Adaptation level:

PR – project – the outer frame includes all activities necessary for the implementation of the assignment / project and adaptation to the client’s needs.

II. Connectivity level:

Covers two areas:

  • TG – technology, which determines the method of operation or installation order. The technological proceedings are determined in collaboration with technical engineers from different areas.
  • IS – Information system, which connects – revives the components, monitors the operation and enables their connectivity on various levels.

III. Composite modules level:

MD – modules, functionally complete assemblies from our own production or machines from different areas and manufacturers, selected because of their technological procedures.

An example for production systems:

  • OS – processing units
  • OR – tool flow
  • PO – material flow
  • PM – media flow

The development concept is designed to enable constant adaptation to the market’s needs.