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Sales program

Our company implements various projects in the field of production systems. Our method of modular construction allows us to complete projects, based on our own documetnation. Often, we include components of world-renowned companies, which results in the most flexible and appropriate solutions.

At SMM d.o.o., we are proud to be able to see our projects through all life cycles. The production starts at the drawing board, where we plan our products with the client’s input. Later, we develop and build the product and provide our client with valuable support (setup, adjustments, personnel training). We always offer our customers the best possible experience and production efficiency by servicing our products and upgrading them, if necessary. After our products are worn out and obsolete, we also arrange the recycling and safe disposal.

At SMM, we provide both the operation and program development. In collaboration with our customers and service users, we also prepare finalized projects in the fields of mechanical engineering, automation and information technology. With the obtained knowledge, experience, flexibility and development energy, we sucessfully comply the toughest criteria and expectations.

In accordance with our development concept, our product range is specially tailored to the market’s needs:

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