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We are proud to present a versatile and efficient product for rehabilitation and measuring body efficiency.

iMoment was developed under close collaboration with highly-trained experts in the field of sports medicine from the Faculty of sport of the University of Ljubljana, and experts in the fields of engineering and software development. The result is a highly flexible and unique device, capable of performing exercises for all major joints and muscle groups in the human body.

Many different tools and handles greatly extend the usability and adjustability of the iMoment device. A safe, reliable and powerful electric motor enables smooth movement and step-less torque adjustments. Because the device can accelerate or decelerate the handle, iMoment can be used for stretching after injuries or for testing the performance of professional athletes.

During an exercise, iMoment saves its settings for each user. Upon the next visit, the device automatically adjusts to the saved position.

iMoment is controlled and monitored through two carefully planned user interfaces. One is designed for the operator and allows adjustments, controlling functions, exercise settings, etc. The other is designed for the user and features exercise-related messages, a graphical display of force and the handle’s current position.

We proudly present Slovenia’s first medical rehabilitation device to exceed similar European and global products. Because of its innovative design, high degree of automation and intuitive control, we are sure that iMoment will grandly benefit its operators and users.

iMoment device


Exercise range

iMoment can perform exercises for almost every joint and corresponding muscle groups. Because of the device’s flexibility and unique multi-axis design, all exercises are performed in the joint’s natural position.

Since joints are less prone to damage in their natural position, this is crucial for the prevention of injuries, especially during rehabilitation and diagnostic exercises.


Exercise modes

Exercises can be performed in various modes. Every mode has its specialties and strengthens the muscles in a certain way:

Isometric mode: A static exercise, constant length of the muscle. It usually occurs when opposing muscles cancel out each other’s force or when acting against an immovable barrier. The joint and muscles are strengthened in the specific position.

Isokinetic mode: Muscles are contracted and stretched. The speed is constant, the force (torque) is variable. In nature, true isokinetic movements are rare but make a great tool for analyzing muscle capacity.

Isotonic mode: Muscles are contracted and stretched. The length of the muscles changes, the force (torque) is constant. When performing exercises with iMoment, this mode is most common.

Concentric motion: The force produced by the muscle exceeds the counter-force. The muscle contracts, which results in motion.

Eccentric motion: The force produced by the muscle does not exceed the counter-force, which stretches the muscle. This motion is typically used during slowing a limb or load, e.g. slowly placing an object down instead of dropping it.

Passive mode (stretching): The muscles are contracted and stretched as a result of the limb movement but do not actively generate any force.


Medical advantages

iMoment is applicable in a wide medical field, since the designed exercises serve for diagnostic purposes, injury prevention and physiotherapeutic purposes. Furthermore, they are an excellent tool for controlled rehabilitation of joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.
During diagnostics, the iMoment device measures power, speed, inertia (perseverance) and torque of the muscle group.
The specially designed isokinetic exercises are very popular among athletes, since they are considered the most effective method of increasing the muscle’s strength and the joint’s flexibility.
iMoment’s handles are carefully designed to precisely guide the joint during exercises. This ensures the best possible results, rules out improper or dangerous use and prevents joint injuries.
There are no age or physiological restrictions for the use of iMoment. Because of its multi-axis design and a high degree of automation, the device fully adapts to the individual physiological properties of each user.
Data of performed exercises are saved for analysis. This enables standardization of the results or clinical studies.


  • Increased muscle coordination
  • Improved neuro-muscular activity
  • Increased joint stability
  • Targeted and precise increase of muscle group strength
  • Stabilization and improvement of muscle functions
  • Prevention of muscular imbalance or muscle atrophy
  • Increased joint stability and strength, prevents injury repetition


Ensuring the accuracy of measurements

During exercises, iMoment uses precise algorithms to process the data. This prevents data distortion, deducts the weight of the handle, calculates the weight of the limb in the current position, …
The built-in safety mechanisms ensure that the device is regularly calibrated. Regular calibration is crucial to eliminate deviations after longer periods of time. The procedure is simple and comprehensible. After the calibration, a report is generated which shows all deviations and corrections.


Included in the package

Upon acquisition, our customers receive the iMoment rehabilitation device, controller and safety switches, management software, calibration weight and the basic handle.
Many extensions and accessories are available:

  • PC (with peripherals)
  • Printer
  • Separate screen for the patient (bracket and software included)
  • Additional handles and tools


Delivery and start-up

Our expert technical crew delivers the iMoment device to the desired location, assembles and connects it. The device is also calibrated and tested, so it is ready for immediate use!


Technical support

If technical problems occur during the device’s lifespan, our technical support team is at your service. If your computer is connected to the internet, we can remotely connect to your desktop and try to identify the problem. This service eliminates the response time, drastically shortens the diagnostic process and, in many cases, resolves the problem without even a visit.

In case the problem cannot be identified or resolved remotely (hardware problem, e.g.) we will send our technical support crew in the shortest possible time. Once on location, they resolve every problem quickly and efficiently.

With the offered safety and support features, we guarantee minimum maintenance, maximum satisfaction and a long lifespan of the iMoment device!