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Business partners

The “Business partners” module is similar to Human resources, but stores data about affiliated companies, rather than employees. Since each partner company can appear in different roles, L’MIS does not distinguish between buyers, cooperates and suppliers.

The module’s main function is keeping simple and transparent records about business partners. Besides basic information (name, address, tax code), this module offers data, crucial to fluid production and easier examination of operations (contact person, business operations, quality of products and service, capacities, ISO standards, paying policy, reminders, …). Furthermore, the correspondence for a single project or time period can be reviewed. Data from this module is used exclusively in conjunction with other modules (Marketing, Production, Warehouse management, Research and development and Finance). Therefore, the module Business partners does not have its own window.

Information about each individual business partner is divided into four main sections, each displayed in its own tab:

Basic information

The Basic information tab includes an unique id (consecutive number), the company’s name and address and information about the employee, who is in charge for relations with the selected company. Furthermore, this tab displays a table with all contact people (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail, …).

Business partners


In this tab, records about all major activities of the selected company are kept: Which products the company buys, sells, produces or if it performs any secondary activities.

Business partners

Partner evaluation

This tab displays all major information about the company’s evaluation, based on its activities. It offers the evaluation of cooperation, based on own experience (ratings about certain standards and business stability) and allows to select some key criteria (organized quality system, accompanying documentation, …). Users can add or update details about paying policies (payment terms, remarks about discounts, …) and customized notifications, which are displayed, if the company is selected in offers or orders.

Business partners


This tab holds information about the production details of the selected company – storage and production capacities, size of individual elements, processing and construction methods, software in use, …

Business partners