SMM | TBM – Tire Building Machine

TBM – Tire Building Machine

Tire building machines are specially developed for tire manufacturers, since they are designed for assembling and curing all kinds of tires.

There are three main versions of TBMs – for passenger tires, semi-truck tires and heavy duty truck tires. TBMs are adjustable, so they can vulcanize tires with dimensions between 13 and 24 inches.

TBM for passenger tiresTBM for semi-truck tiresTBM for truck tires

TBMs are usually connected to a tire-storage system, which automates the process of stacking and sorting the cured tires.

A barcode-based tire tracking system (TiTra suite) enables each tire or tire series to be traced and monitored through every step of the production process. This gives the manufacturer perfect control of the production and updated storage information.

Since the entire production line is very comprehensive and efficient, it saves valuable resources, time and significantly increases the production rate. Therefore, it is also called »Green Tires«. It consists of the following segments:

Apex Lines

Line for the production of semi-products – tire sidewalls. Two versions of sidewalls can be produced: Apex with Flippers and / or Chippers.

Apex with Flipper and Chipper

Doubling Lines

In this stage, the semi-products are prepared for processing. Considering the finished product, the characteristics are set and the doubling line aligns the material for cutting.

Wind-up Systems

Several wind-up systems are available. They are used for winding the raw material on cassettes. Four wind-up systems are generally used: Innerliner wind-up (winds the raw material for the production of the inner tire lining), Sidewall wind-up (winds the raw material for sidewall production), Ply wind-up (winds the raw material for the outer layers) and Breaker wind-up (winds the raw material for the inner edges).


Custom-made cassettes hold the material for tire production. Wind-up systems wind the material onto the cassettes, during production, the material is wound off as needed.

Rubber Rolls Lifting Module

The module’s head drives two corkscrew-like drills into the raw material. The drills firmly hold the rubber during lifting and maneuvering.

Lifting Device

This little crane is designed to lift and hold lighter loads. Its main purpose is to relieve the workers and prevent accidents. The intuitive design and simple operation make it a crucial part of the production process.

Bead Line

The inner edges of each tire are made from coiled wire, which is prepared in this stage. If necessary, the bead line can be modernized, since the mechanical, electrical and control components can easily be upgraded.

Bar-code Appplier

This specially developed module is installed on the production line. It marks each semi-product with a unique barcode. This crucial step enables future references and traceability. Furthermore, it significantly improves and simplifies quality control.

Trimming Machine

This machine serves for trimming the final product, once it is completely cured and cooled. It automatically detects the tire’s size and adjusts accordingly. Sensors then detect any redundant material and cut it off.

Tire manipulator

The manipulator picks the final product up and places it onto an appropriate location in the temporary storage. Single-tire manipulators are used for sorting smaller (passenger) tires, while larger manipulators, carrying four tires simultaneously, are used for semi-truck and truck tires.

Tire Testing Machine

A certain percentage of tires never leave the factory but are severely tested for flaws and defects. The tire testing machine is specifically designed to test the tire’s performance and other characteristics to the limit.