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Pilz offers innovative software solutions for automation. Design, programming, configuration and commissioning can be achieved quickly and simply using Pilz software. Users can work effectively thanks to intuitive operation. Simple, user-friendly diagnostics ensure high plant availability.

Your advantages:

  • Use the PAScal software tool for simple definition of safety functions
  • Engineering time is reduced by using libraries with blocks and diagnostic libraries
  • User-friendly, intelligent diagnostics with multilingual PVIS diagnostics concept
  • Tools offer simple solutions for complex tasks
  • Configuration or programming instead of wiring
  • Pilz software solutions offer full flexibility
  • Quick start up thanks to support for quick start software
  • All-in-one packages – from planning to the implementation, the entire project is in one file

PAScal Safety Calculator

Define safety functions’ safety levels with ease – with the Safety Calculator PAScal you have a handy calculation tool to verify functional safety in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 and EN/IEC 62061. [… click for more information]

PVIS diagnostics tools

Minimise downtimes on your plant and machinery! Based on Pilz’s many years of experience in automation, we have developed an intelligent diagnostic solution for all Pilz products, which makes diagnostics easy to implement and allows faults to be detected quickly and rectified with utmost efficiency. [… click for more information]

SafetyEYE configurator

The SafetyEYE safe camera system detects and reports objects that encroach into freely defined zones. Instead of wiring, the PC-based SafetyEYE Configurator can be used to configure virtual detection and warning zones plus any other parameters required to operate the safe camera system. Once detection zones have been defined they can be adapted at any time with the click of a mouse. [… click for more information]

PNOZmulti Configurator

PNOZmulti modular safety systems are multifunctional, freely configurable and tailor-made for use in many areas of mechanical engineering. Instead of wiring, generate the safety circuit on the PC using an intuitive configuration tool. [… click for more information]

PSS WIN-PRO system software

The system software offers a wide function range – from design through to programming and diagnostics. Use the convenient PSS WIN-PRO system software and have access to an extensive selection of software function blocks for standard and safety. [… click for more information]

PSSuniversal Assistant and Startup Software

Use the PSSuniversal startup software and PSSuniversal Assistant to configure the decentralised I/O system PSSuniversal. Benefit from rapid commissioning by carrying out initial cable and function tests in advance. This way, the entire periphery is tested and functional when you come to commission the control software and fieldbus system. [… click for more information]

Motion control tools

As integrated system programs, the motion control tools PDrive, PMotion and PScope simplify programming, commissioning and documentation. From PLC and motion control to parameter setting for all components. All you need is one tool. [… click for more information]

PAS4000 – PASunits

The software platform PAS4000 from the automation system PSS4000 enables complex functions to be handled simply. You must purchase a licence – however, you only need to pay for the functions you actually use within a project. The various functions are assigned a points value, known as PASunits. These include the various program editors, Pilz pre-defined function blocks and also special network functions. [… click for more information]