SMM | Operator and visualization systems

Operator and visualization systems

Professional operating and monitoring with PMI terminals and PIT devices for management and signalization

As a solution supplier Pilz offers products from the fields of sensor, control and drive technology. Why not also use products from the field of operating and monitoring. You can benefit from coordinated solutions from one source.

Systems, used for visualization and process management, serve as a link between the machine and operator. When the machine or equipment encounters an error, diagnostics play a crucial part. Good diagnostics means less and shorter failures and increases the cost-effectiveness. Choose Pilz diagnostics and visualization devices for increased productivity!

With Pilz management and signal devices, system availability and reliability is increased. Our equipment also optimizes the safety for man and machine.

Diagnostics and visualization

Pilz offers the most diverse range of systems to perform diagnostic and visualization tasks, from the diagnostic units through to powerful operator terminals with touchscreen. With PMIvisu and PMIopen, the integration of adapted, comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs is very simple.

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Control and signalization

Selection of the correct control or signal device is a key factor for the safety of man and machine. Rely on a safe solution with Pilz E-STOP pushbuttons, muting lamps and manually operated control devices.

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