SMM | Quality policy

Quality policy

We define quality as fulfilment of agreed obligations towards customers by taking into account the corresponding norms and legal requirements on a domestic and worldwide market.

Our quality directives:

  1. our quality policy is a significant part of our business policy;
  2. work in compliance with the quality system and continuous improvement is the integrative part of all;
  3. management is responsible for the implementation of the quality policy such as each employee is responsible for the quality of performed work;
  4. projects are executed in compliance with quality system which we achieve with method of work and self-supervision;
  5. we meet legal and other obligations that apply to the field of quality management system, environmental management and safe and healthy work experience and all business activities;
  6. the quality system is constantly being improved in the area of quality, safe and healthy work and environment;
  7. the quality system is constantly being improved and adapted to the internationally recognized directives and standards;
  8. develop healthy, safe and environment friendly products and services;
  9. use and apply environment friendly processes and safe and healthy work environment adopted to with the risk assessment and measures;
  10. prevent pollution and work without accidents and diseases.
  11. regularly check the adequacy of the set quality policy and the resulting objectives;
  12. provide resources for the implementation of quality policy;
  13. maintain emergency preparedness;
  14. continuously improve customer satisfaction;
  15. manage the risks and opportunities that arise;
  16. demonstrate the management and continuous improvement of a process-oriented, integrated quality system in the field of quality, environment and safe and healthy work.