SMM | Quality policy

Quality policy

Quality is regarded as meeting the client’s expectations on the domestic and foreign markets.

Basic principles of our policy:

  • quality policy is a part of the buisiness policy
  • quality and it’s constant improvement is the core component of work at SMM
  • the management of the company is responsible for the implementation of the quality policy, each worker is responsible for the quality of the performed job.
  • the employees are familiar with thee quality policy and are included into it’s development and implementation
  • we are trying to perform projects without discrepancies by determining work methods and promoting self-control
  • we comply to the legal and other demands, valid for the field of buisiness activities
  • quality policies are constantly improved and syncronized with the internationally valid guidelines and standards
  • we develop environmentally friendly products, suitable for healthy and safe work
  • we use and introduce environmentally friendly processes and a healthy and safe work environment, adapted to the risk assessment
  • prevent pollution and work without illnesses or accidents
  • we regularly check the adequacy of our quality policy
  • we provide resources for realization of the quality policy
  • our quality policy is always available for the interested public